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Joshua Iz Versions LP Track Notes: 02 Love Is Stronger feat. Diz

February 23, 2018

Joshua Iz - Love Is Stronger

All props to Diz on this track as his voice just cuts through like no one else. I had written the words and while I sang the melody to Diz horribly, he was able to pick up on what I wanted and he executed perfectly. The combination of Diz’s soulful vocals with what is essentially a purely electronic track really sums up our partnership. That said, it’s not like “I’m the techno guy” and “Diz is the soul guy” — it’s not like that at all. We both like the space where technology and soul meld together. If it was a Venn diagram, we would be in the overlapping purple part in the middle.

Joshua Iz – Versions LP is out now on Vizual Records.

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