Joshua Iz – Versions LP out now.

February 18, 2018

VIZLP3 Joshua Iz - Versions

My second full-length album, ‘Versions’ is out now at the Vizual Store and Bandcamp and will be available at all digital outlets and streaming services in March.

Released on 14 February 2018, exactly 7 years to the day of when my debut album ‘It Iz What It Iz’ was released. I’ve been working on the tracks for this collection since then, swapping out tracks and creating new ones until finally I decided it was time. Read full article →

Joshua Iz Versions LP Track Notes: 05 Come Disco

March 16, 2018

For a track like this, I think I’m supposed to hint at what I sampled and explain how much the original track meant to me but I can’t even remember for the life of me. What I can tell you is I played the keys and I quite like how the electronic strings lay on top of the disco loop. Read full article →

Joshua Iz Versions LP Track Notes: 03 Midnight Version

March 1, 2018

Joshua Iz - Versions LP - Midnight Version

The main loop in this track is from an old mambo track and just has a wonderful warm sound that makes me think of red velvet and impeccable suits. As I often do, I started with the loop and build up rhythmically around that. Sometimes after getting into the nitty gritty of a track I end up taking the original loop out altogether yet loops are a great way to get ideas flowing quickly. Read full article →

Joshua Iz Versions LP Track Notes: 02 Love Is Stronger feat. Diz

February 23, 2018

All props to Diz on this track as his voice just cuts through like no one else. I had written the words and while I sang the melody to Diz horribly, he was able to pick up on what I wanted and he executed perfectly. The combination of Diz’s soulful vocals with what is essentially a purely electronic track really sums up our partnership. Read full article →

Joshua Iz Versions LP Track Notes: 01 Jazzamania

February 22, 2018

This track was inspired by Eli Escobar’s remix of Joi Cardwell’s ‘We Can Do Better’ – one of my favorite tracks of 2017. Eli’s remix uses a great disco loop which I will let the readers discover on their own. For ‘Jazzamania’ I used a different loop of the same original track and just by chance the sounds in that loop sound like someone saying ‘jazzamania’. Read full article →