So Here It Is…

Sweetness — you’ve made it to my new site. After a few years of making other people’s sites look and function beautifully, I finally had some time to give some much needed TLC. Part of the motivation for this redesign was to get familiar with my new workflow using a real-world example. The other main factor is I often have my hands in a lot of pots at once: djing, music, web development, design, writing and I wanted a central repository where I could gather and share my projects and ideas across all of these disciplines.

So, not only will I be able to share my latest remix, random thought or code snippet here but at the same time I can use to experiment with bleeding edge web design techniques. Thus, the format here is going to be freerange: pretty much whatever I am feeling/working on/inspired by/into at the time. I hope you enjoy.

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DCBL DetroitChicagoBarcelonaLove

Vizual Records & Your Only Friend present: DCBL DetroitChicagoBarcelonaLove. Sunday May 25, 2014 at Motor City Wine in Detroit during the Movement Festival. DJs: DJ Minx, Monty Luke, Iz & Diz (with a special vocal performance by Marissa Guzman), Tres Manos and Aiby. Read article →

A Funny Thing Happened in the WordPress Admin

After working on countless WordPress sites for clients and personal projects the situation that happened to me today never occurred before and I hope it never occurs again. Here’s the deets:

Since I use 1Password to manage all my various web passwords, I never check the ‘Remember Me’ box on the WordPress login screen. Read article →

The Ultimate Workflow

After working with Coda/Coda 2 and FTP for a few years, it was time to make a workflow upgrade. Don’t get me wrong, Coda 2 is pretty amazing: my main Coda 2 window was fully customized to my liking, all my sites were organized, connecting to web servers was a breeze with FTP built-in and I had amassed a robust collection of snippets (err, “Clips” in Coda) that served me well. Read article →

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