Recent Blurbs:

What are Blurbs? Blurbs are smaller notes or posts that I often cross-post to Mastodon but want to archive them here.

  • Hello from the blogosphere

    This is a test toot to Mastodon from my blog using GitHub Actions.

  • Mastodon is starting to come alive

    There's a good energy on Mastodon that I haven't felt since the early days of the web.

  • GitHub Actions are cool

    GitHub Actions are cool — I can write a small blurb (like this one) for my site and use an action to post a Tweet or Toot automagically. I've got it set up to handle blurbs or longer form posts with a link and image.

  • Personal websites: the future.

    I'm going to try to author all of my posts from my personal site: (here) so that I control my content. This is a short post to see if everything is wired up.