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My name is Joshua Iz. I’m a dj, music producer, developer, designer, coffee lover, traveler, and writer based in Chicago.

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  • GitHub Actions logo with post title

    Post to Mastodon on Commit with GitHub Actions

    Post a link to a new blog post to Mastodon on commit using GitHub Actions. You can post with a post image for a long-form post or without for just a blurb. Here's how.

  • Picture of vinyl records on shelves

    Why I'm Keeping My 20,000 Records

    An article by Bill Brewster explaining why he sold his 13,000 records prompted me to write this post about why I'm **keeping** my record collection. Read on to find out why.

  • Digital Performer 11 logo

    Why Digital Performer Is The Best DAW

    There are certain things that people will never cease to debate: 1) Is Chicago deep dish really pizza? 2) Who is the best heavy metal band of all time? 3) What is the first house music record? 4) What is the best Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)?

    If you want to know the answers — or at least my answers — read until the end!

  • graphic with Shopify and React logos

    Mounting A React App in a Shopify Theme

    Recently I've had to build out some custom functionality in Shopify and my framework of choice is React. I've seen a few posts floating around on the intarwebs explaining that Shopify's Liquid templating language and React just don't mix. That's hogwash.

    Not only can Liquid + React play nicely together, with a little finessing you can use Liquid's build-at-runtime feature to your advantage to pass dynamic data from Liquid → React on page load. Here's how.

  • blue graphic with GitHub Actions icons and text: Using GitHub Actions to Post to Twitter on Commit

    Using GitHub Actions to Post to Twitter on Commit

    If you are deploying your site's posts or pages using static files in a GitHub repo, I'll show you how to Tweet any new posts with an image automatically on commit but only with specific text in your commit message. You can update your site and posts and then Tweet whenever you are ready!

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